Free Nokia N8 App - Express Proximity Communicator

Express Proximity Communicator for Nokia N8 and other Symbian^3 devices is a fun application that emulates day to day gestures that we make between friends. It contains pre-recorded audio applaud gestures which means you can use your phone to make a one person clap gesture or a group clap gesture. Imagine yourself with a small group of friends celebrating a birthday may be and you wish to whistle badly but you don't know how to whistle. This is where Express application comes in to picture, it has pre-recorded whistle that you can switch on your phone with a one finger touch. This is an amazing idea for an application and I am glad to see apps that touch our personal lives in a such a nice way.

Express App has a range of smilies for every mood that you can flash each other in a meeting or a workplace without disturbing the other which is a nice and fun way to interact. Smilies like, sad, happy, wink, love you, ROFL, etc are included.

There are a number of short text messages that can flashed on your phone. Some of these include, Good Morning, Hi, Hello, Good Day, Thank You, etc. These messages appear in bold with a white font flashing in the landscape mode across the screen from right to left like a new ticker on a black background. You can also add custom text to the existing list of these short messages as per your need.

It is a free application from NextWaveMultimedia with a size of 5 MB for the installation package. It does not require any data connection for using it after installation. Overall, it is great fun app for your phone and can be used to communicate over a distance of 5 - 20 feet. Download the installation file from the link below.