Free Symbian^3 Games: Ninja Joe 2

Ninja Joe is a nice and simple 2D game with smart design and controls for Symbian^3 devices that includes Nokia N8. The concept is good, the Ninja after having attained all the training, one day find out that his master has been kidnapped and now he need to come to his rescue. The 2D design view is of the terrace of buildings that are interconnected via wooden planks. The Ninja has to navigate from one building to another to find the stairs that lead you as a gamer to the next level of the game. There are a number of obstacles in the way, like AC vents that keep toggling, broken floor area that you need to avoid and the worst of all are the guards.

The guards can be attacked from back and sideways and you need to avoid getting directly in front of them especially with in the red rays coming out of their eyes. On the way, you will find some amazing powers, like, the magical clock which hides you from the guards, speed potions which makes you move the ninja faster and many more such powers.

The control of the game is very simple and much like Touch Bounce. All you need to do is to touch the screen at the point of the terrace area where you wish to move the Ninja. There are no other controls, it is just a single finger touch game. I won't say this is a very addictive game but you can easily kill 30-60 minutes waiting at an airport. Just download the installation file from the link below and use your Nokia Ovi Suite to transfer the same to your N8. Do note that you will require one time data connection at the time of installation to download some additional components required by the game.