Nokia Sleeping Screen - Redefines the Concept of Screen Saver for Nokia Phones

Nokia Sleeping Screen is a brand new offering from the experimental ovens of Nokia Beta Labs. This application is compatible with the Symbian ^3 devices namely, C6, C7, E7 and Nokia N8. I always missed having a nice screen saver in Nokia phones. This application gives a heads up for future mobile development and the possibilities with Symbian^3 OS. This application serves as a native feature in the phone after installation and appears in the Screen Saver options. The screen saver makes your phone glow in the night and also in the day but the effect is more beautiful in the night. The screen saver utilizes the idle screen colors and gives high efficiency in terms of battery usage.

A normal screen saver does not show the missed call and message alerts. However, with Nokia Sleeping Screen, you get to view all these alerts in a very stylish way. To activate the Nokia Sleeping Screen, you need to navigate to the screen saver options (Menu -> Settings -> Themes -> Screen saver). Tap on the Sleeping Screen entry in the listed screen savers.

Sleeping Screen gives you an option of 8 different screens. The ninth option at the bottom right is the night clock which activates and overrides the sleeping screen type selected by you based on a predefined time range. You can deactivate the night clock by tapping it so that you do not see the time entries at the bottom. You can key in the start time and end time for the night clock. The night clock will automatically activate and deactivate based on the entered time and the previous sleeping screen selected by you will be restored.

When you receive a sms or a missed call, the selected sleeping screen type is overridden by the alert type screen and it stays until you read the sms or see the missed call alert. Thus, do not get pissed off thinking that this is a bug because I wasted a few days figuring out this and every time a change the screen I still got the alert type screen and thought this might be a bug.

You can install this application free of cost. You might require a data connection during the installation as there are a few components that are downloaded during installation depending upon the phone and inherent QT support. You can download Nokia Sleeping Screen from the link below.

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