Free Symbian^3 Games: Angry Birds Rio

Modeled after the popular animation movie RIO, the new Angry Birds Rio is a winner again. With the backdrop of the game design inspired by the movie, Rio version of this game happens to be extremely delightful and presents a different experience. It is compatible with Nokia N8 and other Symbian^3 phones. Now instead of the ugly pigs, you get to see the caged birds which fly off when freed by the Angry Birds.

This version of the game is easier than the traditional versions and mainly targeted at promoting the movie. Rio is a talking parrot in the movie but we do not see any deviation in the characterization of the game, however, all the birds caged happen to be parrots.

The game is a standalone version and does not require any pre-requisites as in the case of Angry Birds Seasons. It is a single file installation. There is no data connecitvity required at the time of installation or during the play. The installation file for the game is unsigned, hence you are required to sign it before you can install. You can follow this post to sign it. This game is worth taking the pain to go through the post and understand the signing procedure and get the app signed and installed.