How to download YouTube videos on Nokia N8?

Downloading videos on your cellphone has always been very important for most users. You like a particular online YouTube video and would love to even watch it offline but the question is how do we download it. The official YouTube player app does not allow you to download videos rather it only plays/streams them. Now, here is a very nice YouTube Downloader application from picoBrothers for Nokia N8 and other Symbian^3 phones. With unlimited data plan and a 16GB internal memory in Nokia N8, this application is a must have.

It is very simple application and very easy to use. It has direct buttons for Top Rated, Most Viewed and Featured YouTube videos and a search button that lets you search videos on the basis of the ketword chosen by you. The thing that really makes this app great is the speed with which it displays videos. Your videos get listed even faster than the official application from YouTube.

The download page for the video comes up with the full description of the video which is not available in the official YouTube application. You have the option to download videos in more than one resolution - MP4(360p), MP4(720p) and MP4(1080p). However, these options depend on the quality of the video uploaded. If the video is uploaded at a very low resolution, you may find just one option for the download - MP4(360). Once, you tap on any of these buttons, the video download appears in the external Nokia browser and you need to select OK to start the download. The video starts playing automatically as it downloads which is a good functionality. You get to see it as it downloads and do not need to wait for the download to finish.

This application is free of cost. However, data connection may be required for any additional component to be installed. This is a signed application and can be installed after downloading from the link below.