Nokia Play To - DLNA Server for Nokia N8 - A detailed usage guide

Nokia Beta Labs has recently introduced 'Play To' application for Nokia N8. This application adds DLNA capabilities to your Nokia N8. DLNA refers to Digital Living Network Alliance which is a communication protocol that allows you to access all your multimedia content in the phone on a TV or PC/Laptop. For viewing on TV, you can use PS3, Xbox, Media Players, etc. For using DLNA on a PC, you will be required to download a DLNA client and install on your computer. I have tested XBMC Media Server/Client on my computer and it works great and even gets detected in Nokia N8.

Configuring 'Play To'

Go to Settings -> Connectivity -> Media Server -> Share content -> On
Go to Settings -> Connectivity -> Media Server -> Video support -> All videos

Now launch 'Play To' from Applications - You should see your DLNA client listed in the application. You can then choose images, videos and songs that you want to share from the application. By default, everything is shared. 

Using PS3 to access multimedia files on Nokia N8 with 'Play To'

If you are using PS3 with Nokia N8, you may not see the PS3 system getting listed in the 'Play To' application, the application just says 'searching...'. You need not worry, all the phone content is still accessible on PS3. This can be seen as a bug as the application is still in the development phase. The DLNA performance is superb on PS3. Videos, music and images are top quality and without any intermittent breaking.

Using XBMC to access multimedia files on Nokia N8 with 'Play To'

I have used XBMC v10.1 on Windows Vista with great results. You can browse all the multimedia in your phone on your computer using the 'Play To' application. XBMC gets listed in the application unlike PS3 and you can decide what to share and what not to share.

Pre-requisites for 'Play To'

You need a wireless router configured with a home network. Your PC or PS3 or external DLNA supporting media-player should connect to home network using a Ethernet cable or WiFi. Make sure Nokia N8 gets good signal strength of your WiFi network and the same stays true for the receiving device in case connected via WiFi.