Push Email Alternative for Nokia N8 India ( or World) Users Via Gmail Active Sync

The Push Email Service provided by Nokia in India are currently on hold by the Indian Government. The primary reason for the same is the lack of proper monitoring system in place. The service is suspended until a proper monitoring system is developed for the same. About 50% of the smart phones sold in India get activated for the Nokia Push Email service. RIM's Blackberry service is under the scanner as well. However, you can still configure Nokia N8 for Push Email Service. You need to have a Gmail Account for the same. Gmail supports Active Sync which is a Microsoft Exchange based service. This is independent of the Nokia's Push Email service.

You can configure the Nokia Mail For Exchange client to support Gmail Push Email on your Nokia N8. This is very easy to use. This is what you need to do -

Launch Nokia Email from the Menu

Select New

Select Start (Make sure you have data connectivity or WiFi)

Select Mail For Exchange

Key in the following to configure MFE for Gmail and select Next
Mail address: YourUserName@gmail.com
Password: Your Gmail Password
Username: YourUserName@gmail.com
Domain: google

Key in the server name as 'm.google.com' and select Next

You can select what you want to sync (suggested: do not choose anything) and click Next

Your new Gmail mail box will get created shortly.

Now, this will work as good as a Push Email Service. In case, you have other email accounts, you can forward the emails to your Google Email or configure your Gmail Account to fetch emails from them using Pop (for this you need to login to gmail web interface and get into Ssettings -> Accounts and Imports).