Nokia N8 Free Game: Wave

Wave is an amazing game that comes from Nokia. It supports Nokia N8 and the other Symbian^3 phones. You can try this even on Symbian Anna OS. The game pretty simple and resembles space shooting arcade games. The graphics design of the game is eye catching and runs pretty smoothly on the phone.

It is a one finger touch game involving a spaceship that can be maneuvered with the moved of your finger on the screen of the phone. The sp ship shoots automatically. You have to shoot a specified number of space rocks in order to complete a level. During the game, you get power-ups and extra shooting credits that lower your target number.

The power-ups can increase the shooting capacity of your spaceship up-to to 3 at a time. You also get extra lives as you keep shooting the aliens in the space. However, the finger movement on the screen gets sticky after sometime so you need to wipe the screen or finger at regular intervals. All in all, it is a must have game and an addictive time killer. Download the game from the link below.