The All New Toshl for Nokia N8 - Expense Management Application

Toshl is an amazing expense management application. The functionality designed in to this application takes care of all your expense worries. I have previously reviewed this application and now there are some extra set of functions added to this application to further enhance the entire user experience. It comes with cloud support which means it is backed by a web interface that also holds your expense data and syncs. All the additions, deletions or changes of any sort are immediately updated with the server. This prevents any loss of data if your device gets formatted or you happen change it. Since, this application is supported on Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone, Symbian, Blackberry and Maemo, you have every reason to buy a subscription for this application even if you think you might change your phone in future. You can always sync back the entire data on any new device with this application. It also comes with a free subscription with limited functions.

What's new ?

Now set monthly budgets and get reminders if you tend to overshoot. A pro subscription allows setting budgets based on tags, weeks and days.

My favorite feature - Toshl now manages real-time foreign currencies. If you are visiting a foreign country, add your expense in the foreign currency and the expense calculations happen automatically in your home currency on the basis of the latest currency conversion rate as per the Toshl server (daily updated).

Add recurring expenses like gym, mobile bills, internet bills, house rent, etc and they automatically pass on to the next month with you having to again add them.

You can now protect your Toshl application with a Pass Code. No-one can open the application without this pass code which makes the application far more secure.

You can export all your data in the CSV, PDF, EXCEL and GOOGLE DOCS format. However, the free subscription only allows exporting in the CSV format.

Web Interface

Toshl also allows you to manage your account using the web interface. You can generate reports and all the functions that you perform in the application.