GalagaX for Nokia N8: Relive your childhood memories

If you remember well, Galaga used to be a much liked game in the era of the 8-bit gaming devices during the 1990s when Mario Bros and Contra shared 90% of the popularity. GalagaX brings back those memories. It is a space warship game based on J2ME and works great on Nokia N8 and other Symbian^3 and Symbian Anna devices. Coupled with the same background music and enemy entities, this game offers much gaming satisfaction.

It was amazing to see the touch response that you get inspite of this game being a J2ME version. The graphics, music and game play are exceptional and when you get this free, it is really amazing. The spaceship has auto shooting capability and has 3 lines of fire. One line of fire can be detached and moved about in the gaming area.

I would really recommend this game. It is very low on the memory and never hangs. It works as smooth as any other native game. You can download this game from the link and below and use the Ovi Suite to install it on your phone.

Download GalagaX