Nokia N8 gets the Symbian Anna Service Pack update

I have just installed the latest Symbian Anna Service Pack update. This happens to be a very important update from Nokia's point of view. However, I have not observed any major difference in the functioning of the phone.  The update enables faster geo-tagging, thus, folks using geo-tagging might see some difference. Other changes include improved scrolling through the messages, phone stability and other usability improvements.

This update might be fixing many of the bugs inherent to the Anna OS. One of the changes that I have observed is the absence of the "Start-up Error. Contact retailer" bug. Every second time I would restart my phone I used to get the start-up problem prompting me to again restart the phone. I am no longer facing this issue any more.

It is nice to see Nokia still caring about the N8 handset. I am hopeful of the Symbian Belle and ultimately the Windows Mobile 7 OS making in to the phone. To update, simply launch the Application Update utility from the phone  or use the Ovi Suite. The update size is 1 MB.