How to generate symbian certificates for signing apps?

This specific post refers to the process for acquiring the Symbian certificates for your Nokia devices whether running on Symbian Anna or Symbian Belle or an earlier S60 version. All you need is the IMEI number of your phone. You need to dial *#06# on your Nokia handset to get the IMEI number.


1. Go to the website -

2. Register for a free account -

3. Login with the new account.

4. Click on Apply Certificate and key in the details.

5. After submitting the IMEI in the previous step, go to My Certificates.

6. You will notice the status of the your certificate request as Normal which means that the certificate is generated. Now the catch is that when you click on the link (cer|key) for downloading, you are redirected to the paypal payment page asking for 3 Euros. To get around this and get the certificates free, right click on the link (cer|key) and copy the link address and replace the "check" work in the link with "down" and then paste the new link in the browser and the file gets downloaded. Ex - 
Cer Link after right clicking and copying -
Link after replacing 'check' with 'down' -

Key Link after right clicking and copying -
Link after replacing 'check' with 'down' - 

The process outlined above may not be effective after sometime when the website finds about this loophole and changes the process. However, even in the worst case scenario, you can get these certificates by paying 3 Euros and the best part is that the certificate files get generated immediately as soon as you submit your IMEI.