Nokia N8 Game: Fragger Now Available for Symbian Anna

Fragger is a popular android and an online game from Miniclip. It is now ported to Symbian Anna and can be installed across latest Anna supported Nokia phones which includes Nokia N8. It is a point and shoot game much on the same lines of Angry Birds. This is an extremely addictive game and a must have. You need to do is to select a particular angle and a adjustable force and throw grenades at the enemies. You get a fixed number of grenades and you need to eliminate all the enemies before you run out of these grenades.

There are lots of levels to unlock and play. The whole graphics is designed very well and the touch controls work like a charm. The game is light on the phone and never seem to hang or get slowed down. Each level is a new game play and never gets boring.

Download the installation file from the link at the bottom of this post. You will need to sign the file for your phone before you install the file. The signing instructions can be found at this link. The installation does take a long time on the phone so do not think it is stuck. In case, the installation fails, try to install again and all should be fine.

Download Fragger (Unsigned)