Belle Free Apps: Nokia Car Mode - A Better Driving Alternative

Ever since the birth of Nokia Belle operating system for Nokia N8, Car Mode happens to be first such application exclusive to this OS. Nokia Car Mode is an amazing and innovative piece of software from the company. It is a boon for all the car users out there. With this application, you can transform your phone to a dedicated automotive device that acts like a Phone, GPS and a music player. It allows you to access all the essentials features of your phone with minimal distraction while driving. This application along with a car mount either on the wind-shield or the dashboard, makes a very convenient solution.

Easy To Use Dialler

Navigate Through Audio Tracks

Manage FM Transmitter

Nokia Car Mode lays out the essential phone functions in the form of bigger and easily click-able icons. Bigger icons make it easier to navigate through the Bluetooth pairing function, answering/making phone calls and listening/browsing music while driving. You can change a track without getting distracted. When you receive a call and choose to answer, the speaker phone is enabled by default. The various buttons that include going back, closing the Car Mode, Switching on/off the radio, changing the track, accessing/searching the phone-book etc, are very well placed on the Graphical User Interface and intuitive. This is a must have application for any car user. This is a free application from Nokia.

Nokia Car Mode also comes with Mirror Link technology which is a paid version. This is only useful if you have a Mirror Link certified multimedia system in your car. Currently, this is available with Volkswagen. Mirror Link works by connecting your phone via USB cable to the car multimedia system. The phone's essential functions are then available on LCD display of your car and can be used normally with even having to touch your phone.