How to flash Nokia N8 Firmware with Symbian Belle v111.030.0609 (Latest Version)

Having heard so much about the Symbian Belle and seeing nothing tremendous happening on the Symbian Anna front, I finally opted for a manual flash to the new Symbian Belle OS. Although, it included risks of having the phone bricked, I took the risks and passed with flying colors. My phone has already passed the warranty period and if anything could have gone wrong, I could get the phone updated at the Nokia Care. I must agree, Symbian Belle is an amazing OS so far that we have seen from Nokia. So I am going to list down the steps for flashing your phone at your own risk.

Pre-requisites - 

1. Symbian Belle Firmware - Download
2. Phoenix Service Software - Download

1. Assuming that Phoenix Service Software is already installed. Download the Symbian Belle Firmware Files and extract in a folder "RM-596" and place the folder under C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products. Look at the image below.

2. Launch the Phoenix Service Software. Select "USB1 - RM596" from the Connections drop-down. This can say USB2 or USB3, etc instead of USB1 if you have many USn cable connected to your computer.

3. Once you are done with the above step, the Phoenix Service Software would look like the image below. The bottom of the GUI will say "Ready".

4. Select File -> Scan Product from the top menu options.

5. The Phoenix Service Software will scan the connected Nokia N8 as a result of the step above and start showing the current version of the firmware on your phone. Look at the image below.

6. Now, select Flashing -> Firmware Update from the top menu options.

7. As a result of the above step, a new window "Firmware Update" will open within the Phoenix Service Software.

8. Click on the button "..." at the side of the Product Code label in the window "Firmware Update".

9. As a result of the step above, a new window "Product codes available in current Data-Package"  will open. Select "euro3_dg" and click on OK button.

Note: The product will get listed only if you have performed step 1 of this guide correctly.
10. As a result of the step above, the selected code should now be visible in the window "Firmware Update".

11. Now click on the "Options" button. A new window will open listing all the firmware files. You need to delete the files that appear in red font. Simply click on the entry in red and click on "Delete" button.

Remove the files appearing in red font
Select the file entry and click on delete
After deleting the files appearing in red font
12. Now we are good to go. The final step is to click on "Refurbish" button on the "Firware Update" window.

13. After clicking on the Refurbish button, you need to have a little bit of patience while the phone gets update with Symbian Belle. At times, you might feel that the software is stuck but wait until it actually throws up an error and notifies you of any action. Look at the images below.

At this stage, the software takes a lot of time before moving forward so keep your cool.
At this stage the actual firmware update has completed and the phone should restart.
If you see this error at the end of the process with a popup, you need not worry. Simply press the power on button at the top of the phone. Everything should work as usual and the new OS boots.