What's new and better with Symbian Belle?

Symbian Belle gives a whole new face to Nokia N8 and a never before user experience. There are a whole set of new things that I can do with Belle. 

I am listing down some of the things that I have so far like - 

1. I can switch off the Mobile Data. This means that none of data access points from your network operator will be used for any application on your asking for a data connection. This prevents accidental data charges appearing on your mobile bill. When you need to use the data, simply switch on the Mobile Data and after usage switch if off. This never existed in any Nokia OS versions even if you see historically.

2. It is much more easier to access Bluetooth and WiFi with the swipe down menu.

3. The Ovi Store gets updated as soon as you launch it after installing the new firmware. The QML version is really state-of-the-art. It is much faster and easier to use. Also, it is called Nokia Store now. The update message also says that there is a gift coming soon and I will be able to download premium Nokia apps free from the store. Download Nokia Store Standalone Installer

4. The Internet Browser is a-lot better and faster. It is much more easier to use it with tabbed window options. They have tried to copy the design from Opera but whatever, it works great for me.

5. A Free F-Secure Anti-theft Software integrated in the firmware. I was expecting a completely free one with the antivirus features as well but that was not the case. Only the anti-theft feature is free.

6. The latest version of Quick Office and Adobe Reader.

7. A search widget gets installed via Software Update utility. This search widget is much like the Android one and very useful. It searches both in Google and your phone.

All in all, the risky decision to flash Symbian Belle Firmware on my Nokia N8 has paid off. I am feeling I have a brand new phone in my hand. However, we will be seeing the new firmware getting released by Nokia soon so do not worry if you don't want to take the risk to flash your phone.