How to update Nokia N8 to the Official Nokia Belle Firmware from Old Leaked Belle Version

Nokia Belle software is available officially on the Nokia Suite in most countries. The update size is approximately 274 MB. It is not released on FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) as it is a major big size release. This post is an addendum to the help guide posted on this website that elaborated on the process of manually flashing the leaked firmware on Nokia N8. Any one who has updated to a leaked Nokia Belle firmware as guided in that help guide can now also update to the official firmware. All you need is to connect your phone to the Nokia Suite and under updates, opt for a reinstall of the firmware.

After having updated to the official version of Nokia Belle, I did not see any changes in the version number and the date. Only the custom version seemed to be different.Also, the free phone memory was about 104 MB which was only 84 MB earlier in the leaked version of Nokia Belle.

Old Leaked Belle Firmware

New Official Belle Firmware