Nokia Belle Rollout Started All Over The World

Nokia started rolling out the new Nokia Belle software for its array of young devices early 7th Feb 2012. The devices covered include Nokia N8, C7, E7, X7, E6, C6 and Nokia Oro. Nokia 500 is yet to get the update. You can visit this link to find out the status of the update in your country. There are these following statuses for updates

  • Update available = Nokia Belle update has been published
  • Waiting for approval = Nokia Belle has been submitted for operator and/or local review
  • Software under creation = Nokia Belle is currently being created by Nokia
  • Nokia Belle not available = Nokia Belle will not be launched for this product code/country
Step 1 - Select your country after selecting the region from the map

Step 2 - Now verify the status as per the product code. You need to check the product code by dialing *#0000# on your phone.

After Dialling *#0000#

Here, you can then tally if your product code has the update or not

Australia still waiting for approval

South Korea not getting the update at all

Vietnam has Belle in preparation still

Thus, the images above show how the statuses look like for various countries. Meanwhile, for people who have flashed their phones using the guide on this website, I am using the re-install option on the Nokia Suite and trying to update the phone. I will post an update once I am through.