Nokia India Offering Belle Carry In Upgrade Service

Nokia supersedes any company when it comes to customer support. It has invested heavily in customer service networks across the world with full commitment which is now paying off. I received a mailer today from Nokia about the latest Belle upgrade. As per the mailer, I can provide my details on this website, select the nearest retailer or care center and I will get a call back and I can drop my mobile at a fixed time. The software upgrade will be done for me by Nokia. However, this appears to be a chargeable process (nominal) although I guess this could be free as well but nevertheless it is definitely a great relief for non-techies. How many times do you see such a service by Samsung or LG or Apple (Excluding USA). The website also contains a guide on the do-it-yourself update process. I believe this belle promotion will be soon/already get extended in other countries. Do post in your comments if you see something like this in your country.

Check out the mailer below.