Setting Up A Personal HTTP File Server For Nokia N8

This is a generic guide for setting up a personal HTTP file server for accessing files over WiFi on your Nokia N8 or any other WiFi enabled device. You can share a specific drive on your PC (host) and this server generates a directory listing for the same. The directory listing page will be accessed via the web-browser on the URL (http://<yourIPonhomenetwork>:<port>/). Each folder/file appears as a link that you can click and navigate.There are no file size restrictions.


Download Abyss Web Server X1 (Free Personal Edition) and install on your host machine (your desktop or laptop).

Configuring Abyss Web Server

1. After installing, you will see a pop-up asking you to install it as a Windows Service. Choose the option for Windows Service and immediately after that the server console will open with this URL ( Select the preferred language.

2. You will now have to specify a user account for logging into the server console. Remember this is not a user account for accessing the folder structure later.

3. As soon as you create a user, the page would reload and a login window will appear. Provide the user details that you just created. This will open the server console.

4. On the webserver console, click on 'Configure' located along side the host entry. This will further open the console with more options for configuring the host.

5. Click on the 'General' option. This will let you specify the folder that you wish to be able to access via a directory listing on your mobile device. You will also be able to change the default port from 80 to any other of your choice.

Click on the Browse button for Documents Path
Choose the relevant drive/folder to share. For example, I have selected E:\
Also, specify the port number for the host. You can choose any number but that should not be used by any other program. The the URL will look like - http://<yourlocalnetworkip>:<chosenport>
6. After clicking on OK in the above step, you will be back to the host configuration console. Now click on IP Address Control option. This will open the options page for specifying the ip range you want to restrict the server usage. I have used 192.169.1.* that will allow devices that on my local network. This is an optional step as it is very unlikely for other devices to access your server without specific firewall exceptions.

Virtual path should "/" and add your ip range by clicking on Add
7. After clicking on OK in the above step, click on Restart Server to implement the configuration changes.

The new port should now reflect in case you changed it.

8. Now check your ip by typing ipconfig in the dos command window.

9. Now combining the ip and port, the access url for HTTP File Server becomes - If I had not changes the port the this url would have been Once you hit this url, you should see all the directory/files listed like in the image below.

There is no restriction on the filesize. You can download any amount of data with any file size. Audio files can be played while they download while for other file types, you need to wait for the download to the complete. The speed of file download depends on your WiFi speed, Mobile device and memory card write speed. Abyss File Server can also be downloaded from