Remote Multidrive for Nokia Belle - Access files over Wifi

Remote Multidrive for Nokia Belle is a small and free app that runs a web server on your mobile phone and lets you share your files over WiFi on any device that has a web browser on your WiFi network even if it is an android device. The files are presented as a list on a webpage accessed by pointing your browser to the phone's IP address.

Server Started
Server Stopped

  • Takes less than 2 minutes to setup and run
  • You can password protect the server access
  • You can specify your own port number;default being 80
  • You can enable SSL
  • Single touch start and stop
  • Can share phone memory, mass memory and microSD
  • Nice and intuitive webpage on which files are served
  • Can run in the background
  • Very light weight in terms on memory requirement
  • High speed data transfer compared to bluetooth transfer


  • Phone memory, mass memory and microSD - all cannot be shared together
  • Only one way data transfer, cannot upload files to your phone
Download the file from the link below and transfer it to your phone to install using Nokia Suite or simple file transfer. The file is signed and can be installed on any phone. You might require Qt installer if not already having. Nokia Belle comes with Qt, hence, it shouldn't be an issue.