Nokia N8 Gets Microsoft Office Apps 2.01

The most awaited Microsoft Apps pack is delivered to the Nokia N8 through the Nokia Suite software as well as the on-board Software Updates Utility. This was being seen to be a part of the much awaited Belle Feature Pack 1 but it has been delivered as a normal software update. This definitely would up the sales of Nokia N8 among the business users more than the regular users.

The upgrade pack comes with Microsoft Office Tools, Microsoft Lync Client, Microsoft One Note and the Microsoft Broadcast Tool. I am pretty confidant that Nokia is in no mood to give in to Android yet but only time will tell.

Once you have the pack installed, you will see the Lync widget already up on one of your secondary home screens. There is another widget with the Microsoft logo that says 'Configure Applications'. This widget is a one stop configuration utility that lets you configure all the Microsoft services that your Microsoft Office Account supports.