Latest Belle Update Enables Automatic Photo Uploads On Sky Drive

It seems that Nokia Belle is on fire. Recently we saw the Microsoft App update and now there is a new SkyDrive update that enables automatic photo uploads on Microsoft's Sky Drive. This installs as SkyDrive in your apps menu. You need to link this app to your Microsoft Live/Hotmail account. When you launch it for the first time after installation you need to link it to your Microsoft account after which you can change settings. This is indeed a very useful app since it automatically keeps uploading the photos in the background as you keep taking pictures. The best part is that you can define whether you want to upload a large resolution image or a down scaled one which helps you save data usage. You can also specify the uploads to take place only when you are in a WiFi zone. Thus, you can take pictures all day when you are outside and when you come back home or in a free WiFi Hotspot, the images get uploaded automatically. Find the link for downloading the installatin package for this utility at the end of the post if you still do not have the update available for some reason. Simply download and install using PC Suite or install directly by launching it from your phone.

This SkyDrive utility creates a private folder on Sky Drive named as "SkyDrive Camera Roll" under 'Photos'. All the images get uploaded to this folder by default and are private which means only you can access it. Hence, you can then move wherever you wish to share them or take an online print etc. as most photo-sharing services are now interconnected over the cloud letting you import/export. Also, the Sky Drive gives free 7GB storage which is pretty huge as Google Drive only gives 5GB of free storage.