Games for your new phone

Next to accessing our social networks and general web browsing, the major thing that we use our mobile phones for is playing games. Playing casino games on mobile phones has become a very popular pass time too, particularly as nowadays we can simply connect to a mobile casino and play just a game or two whenever we feel like it and wherever we find ourselves. You might think that the top casino games that people play on their phones are modern and up to date, and in a way they are, particularly in terms of technology and presentation. However, the games themselves are the same casino games that have been entertaining us in real casinos and on online casinos for the last hundred or so years ever since they were invented. 

The most popular of all of them is roulette, either the American or European version of the game. Roulette is one of the most accessible of all casino games and when you are playing on your mobile, you can forget all about the formalities of the real game and just concentrate on having fun. 

Blackjack is another top game that is particularly attractive to the more serious players who are willing to invest a little time and energy learning the strategies that are likely to win them some money. 

Slots, an evergreen casino favorite is even more accessible than roulette, and although it is not particularly demanding it can be very entertaining and there is always the chance of a big win, though small wins are far more common. A variety of games for all sorts of phones can be found at

Video poker is another game alongside other demanding games. Once you understand this game and play it optimally, you can often beat the casino and regularly make a profit. You just need to be careful about which version you play and ensure that you understand the pay tables before you start.