Top Nokia Belle Cloud Storage Clients For Nokia N8

In this post I have tried to highlight the top five Nokia Belle Cloud Storage Clients that come with free storage. You can use these clients to upload/download/delete your files stored on the cloud server. The download links are also provided for the installation package for each of these clients. Please find the links below.

Microsoft Sky Drive Client For Nokia N8 (Supports All Nokia Belle Phones)

This is an amazing storage client with a world-class GUI developed by INFOTECH. The interface is very smooth and intuitive. You can select a file from the phone and choose any folder on SkyDrive for upload. You can create new folders, delete files, and upload a wide variety of file extensions. For video files, only .wmv, .3gp and .mp4 are supported currently. The next version of this application will support even more functions like complete download/upload of folders, search, deletion of folders and also email links of uploaded files. Download Sky Drive Client

Google Cloud Print Client For Nokia N8 (Supports All Nokia Belle Phones)

To give you a background, Google Cloud Print technology gives you the ability to print documents on your computer's connected printed from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet connectivity. The best part is that all the printers even the older ones can be used with this technology. This is enabled using Google Chrome. You can know more here. Anyways, we are using the Files Plus application to achieve this on Nokia Belle phone. This client app lets you use this technology using your Nokia Belle phone. Hence, you can print any document right from your mobile phone on your home or office printer. For this you need to signup for a Google Cloud Print account and then enable it from the app. Any document that exists on the mobile device can be directly printed using Google Cloud Print via this application. To add the Google Could Print account - tap on Reset Cloud Print button in Settings section of the app. Please see the video end to end for better understanding. Download Files Plus