Advanced GeoSciences offers the Power Sting

Advances in computers have made other technology possible, which leads to electrical resistivity and induced polarization. With the need for faster and more accurate data collection, resistivity and polarization provide an in depth look at measuring current and voltage. Advanced GeoSciences, Inc offers the Power Sting, which is a collecion of different high power transmitters, which go from 5kW to 10kW to 15kW. You can fully program the Power String for a constant source and voltage. You also get an external high power, which can be used both wired or wireless with the PowerSting. These are the ultimate tools for a resistivity survey. The PowerSting also provides for emergency functions like auto shut off for input power, over voltage, over current, over power and a fuse for hazardous situations. Advanced GeoSciences provides this amazing transmitter for a cheaper cost than what you'll find at other external transmitter retailers. In addition, you get the most power available. The 5kW for instance puts out 2.5 amps or 2000 volts. The 15kW puts out up to 30 amps and 3000 volts. These are the ultimate sting generators. If you have been searching for an amazing transmitter and generator with all the capabilities necessary to help your business, try the new PowerSting from You'll see why so many businesses are able to utilize their sources and voltage better. In addition, Advanced GeoSciences, Inc provides comprehensive customer support that can answer all of your questions and make it easy to pick the right transmitter for your business.