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There are so many different call center service companies to choose from. Picking a company may feel like an overwhelming task. A few issues should be taken into consideration when choosing to use a call center service company. Most importantly, a call center should be based in the United States of America. This is incredibly important for American companies. Nothing upsets customers more than having a language barrier issue on the phone with a customer service department. A call center service company should also offer totally customizable plans. Outsourcing to a foreign call center company is a huge mistake for an American business. Clients and customers will realize immediately that his is how a business is trying to cut corners and save money. Using American call center representatives sends a clear message to customers. Customers will appreciate dealing with native English speakers. They will also appreciate that a company has chosen to keep jobs in the United States of America. Next, a call center service company should offer completely customizable plans. Not every business needs the same type of services. There should be a wide variety of services and hours to choose from. The call center should be able to handle a variety of different situations. Some companies will need their call center to handle issues with returns and order upsizing. There should also be solutions that allow for company growth. The customer service call center at offers a variety of plans to clients with plenty of room to grow.