Private domain registration at

Getting started on the web can be a totally confusing and new process for many people. Unless you've studied web design or know a lot about setting up a site, it can also take a lot of time. There are also a few security issues that you have to prevent. One thing that's most important is registering your domain privately. This is the first step to blocking out your information from crawlers and hackers who patrol WHOIS looking for someone to strike. Many people are confused about private domain registration. For example, when you get private domain registration at, you're actually signing up for a service that protects your identity. However, it can seem like the private registration service now owns your site. That's not true. You retain all rights and content for your website. You also have to resolve any problems that occur from your site. The only thing that private registration does is remove your personal information from site databases. 

WHOIS database can display some very sensitive information such as your full name, address, phone number and email address. With Google maps and other tools, it can be easy for someone to start stalking you or using your information to harm you. Most businesses and individuals choose private registration of some kind to protect the name of the business and site owner. Private registration will also stop spam, data mining, domain hijacking and identity theft. The best part with this is that you have another layer of protection.