Two way radios from Motorola

Two way radios originally came into existence for use in the military. They eventually spread into law enforcement, which led to businesses seeing the benefits of being able to communicate wirelessly with a touch of a button. As two way radios became more advanced, they made their way into retail stores, corporations, construction business and finally, the home. As a kid, the most fun you could have is pretending to fight battles and go on camping trips with walkie talkies to share with your siblings and parents. Two way radios have gotten so advanced nowadays. They still have the simple push-to-talk button, but they've also gotten so advanced to allow communication over 200,000 square feet or more. For example, the Motorola CLS1410 is one of the advanced models that has a large range, lots of business frequency channels, programmable features, hands free with voice activation and a lithium ion battery. 

These two way radios have become essential for any retail store. They allow you to communicate on multiple channels, so whether you need to talk to stock, customer service, floor associates or cashiers, you're able to communicate easily and quickly. Customers receive better service with a walkie talkie system as well. Most of all, they can really help notify people of emergencies and allow for business owners to stay in touch with what's going on. There are all sorts of two way radio sets out there. For many, radios have enhanced their business in hundreds of ways.