Coaxial cable and RF transmission

Many people mistakenly believe that coaxial cable plays a role only in digital cable television connections. And while it's true that you won't get to see the latest episode of "Mad Men' or who's lost the most weight in this week's airing of "Biggest Loser" without that crucial piece of hardware connecting your TV to the incoming connection underneath or near your house, it's also true that coaxial cable plays a role in other types of connections, too - such as broadband internet.

All around the world consumers and corporations alike rely on the transmission of data, video, and voice over a durable, long-lasting, easy to implement infrastructure - and this infrastructure is known as RF transmission. RF transmission is a type of transmission that requires special characteristics in order for data to flow both ways in an efficient and nearly flaw-free manner. RF stands for radio frequency, and this type of energy is heavily relied upon by multiple types of data-transmitting networks, including digital cable subscriptions and broadband internet connections.

Coaxial cable is easily identified as being a rigid, plastic-coated piece of cable with thin pins on one or both ends, and "end caps" that screw onto adjoining connectors in order to securely hold the cable in place. When working with coaxial cable, keep in mind that the quality of the transferred signal is based not just on the quality of the coaxial cable, but also on the size of the cable (coaxial cables can have a diameter as small as 0.5 inches to as large as an inch or more), any nearby radiation, and the resistance that the cable itself gives off.

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