Owning A Satellite Phone

Iridium Satellite System is a commercial project that enables satellite telephony across the globe. It is a group of satellites that interlink with each other to provide coverage from north pole to the south pole. The system first became commercially operational in 1993 and since been a reliable system for communications in remote areas and difficult terrain. A typical satellite phone iridium can be used for telephone calls, short messaging service and low bandwidth internet access. Another important aspect of these phones is the censorship surrounding them. In many countries it is illegal to own satellite phones without proper licensing. However, there are countries like Australia that provide subsidies on these phones given the consumer is in a remote area which has no cellphone reception.

The iridium sat phones have been of great help in times of natural calamities which often have a heavy toll on not just human lives but on every mode of communications clubbed with power outages. These phones are then used by disaster recovery teams for co-ordination. Satellite phones are not meant for everyday use. They are expensive and life saving mode of communication made for specific scenarios used by military, recreational boaters, globe trotters, disaster recovery teams, etc.