Three Reasons to Use Shrink Wrap for Your Products

Utilizing shrink wrapping for your inventory offers great advantages. Whether it is raw materials or finished product, shrink wrapping provides several benefits. The following are three ways shrink wrapping can benefit your company. 

Lowers shipping costs
Shrink wrapping can secure your inventory when it is shipped to your end customers, and it can do this with little added weight. Your product is wrapped tightly with lightweight material. This reduces the cost of shipping. It also conforms to the particular shape of your product packages, so your packages can be reduced in size. 

Preserves your product
If you are in the food service industry, you will quickly understand the benefits of shrink wrapping in preventing food from spoiling. Shrink wrap prevents contamination while food is in transit, but it will also keep food fresh for restaurants and other food service businesses longer while it is in storage prior to use. This preservation also extends to any product that is sensitive to exposure to the air. Another example is electronic products. Having electronic parts and systems sealed in shrink wrap creates a barrier to dust and moisture that can harm an electronic component. 

Inventory is visible
Whether it is a finished product for the retail environment or raw materials needed for another end product, shrink wrapping is transparent. Workers can easily identify the inventory, so there is less chance of making a mistake with inventory management. 

The key to incorporating shrink wrapping for you product is to obtain the proper equipment. These machines are referred to as impulse sealers and are available from several companies. Fuji-sotex is an example of one such company.