Two Applications for Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings have many applications in industry, but these coatings have found use in a variety of areas where resistance to either heat or corrosion is essential. The following are two areas that ceramic coatings can be valuable. 

Injection molding equipment

The molds used in many areas of manufacturing can be expensive to replace, but when the molds are coated properly, they are easier to maintain and will last longer. The longevity from a ceramic coating reduces the costs of the molds, and the labor cost of cleaning injection molds drops significantly. In addition, the surfaces of the mold remain smooth, so the finished product comes out of the mold cleaner than when the molds have not been treated. 

Food processing equipment

The part of food process equipment that benefits from ceramic coatings includes such things as seals on mechanical pumps. Ceramic coatings are outstanding for prevention of corrosion. This problem is notorious with parts of food processing equipment that comes in contact with food particles. The nature of ceramic seals provides a flat contact, and a tight seal that eliminates much of issue of corrosion. 

These coatings are available in various thickness. The appropriate thickness is dependent upon the particular application. There are several companies that offer ceramic coating services for a wide range of equipment and other parts used in a wide range of applications. Vergason Technology is one example of this type of company. You can click here for more information.