Importance of hazardous materials training

Importance of Hazmat Training

Pursuant to Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), initial and recurrent training is mandatory and must be completely repeated and not simply refreshed or updated) at least once every three years and must include record-keeping and testing. This applies to anyone who designs, manufactures, repairs, modifies, represents, prepares, reconditions, marks, tests, and/or ships hazardous materials. Failure to meet those Department of Transportation (DOT) training requirements may result in civil and/or criminal penalties as much as $75,000 per violation per day.

What is a “hazardous material?” 

A hazardous material is a material or substance that the Secretary of Transportation determined is capable of an unreasonable risk to health, property and safety during transportation in commerce.

Who must follow the training rules? 

Those rules apply to any company/employer having employees who perform any duties in any manner that are regulated by the DOT's Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR). Small companies have no exemptions, and self-employed people who transport hazardous materials must receive the proper training. 

What training is included? 

General Awareness Training gives an understanding of the complete transportation of hazardous materials so that employees will be aware of how their jobs are a part of the program. 

Function-Specific Training is for the particular job functions performed by the employee in relation to the regulations.

Safety Training - People handling or who may be potentially exposed to hazardous materials during transportation are trained in the materials’ safe handling as well as emergency response procedures. 

Security Awareness Training trains employees to protect against and recognize potential threats from terrorists which involve hazardous material shipments.

Security In-Depth Awareness Training in company security objectives, procedures, responsibilities and actions required from employees.

Official PDF Certificate 

Your training school will maintain your records on their computer in case you are required to present more verification or proof of the Certificate and Continuing Education Credits which you will receive.

For More Information 

TEN-E is an excellent example of a source that offers informative workshops which meet the above regulatory training requirements. Feel free to visit their website or speak with one of their knowledgeable staff about this required training.