4 Tips for Buying Blending Machines

A good blending machine can make all the difference in your warehouse or processing plant. But what if you've never purchased one before? How can you be sure you're buying from the right brand, and how can you be sure you're getting the best price? Here are just a few tips for finding and selecting blending machines.

1. Pick Your Blender Type

While all industrial blenders have the same general function, they can differ in terms of speeds, set-ups and controls. This is why it's important to know whether you need a ribbon blender, jacketed blender or something else entirely. Know the differences in blender types and choose accordingly.

2. Think About Price

The listed price of the blender might not be the final price you pay overall. For example, you might be responsible for delivery and assembly costs too, and you might also want to pay for insurance or an extended warranty to protect your purchase in the long-term. These costs can spiral out of control if you let them, so make sure there's plenty of wiggle room in your budget. You don't want to go into the red because an unexpected expense cropped up at the last minute.

3. Read the Fine Print

Speaking of warranties, it's critical to read the entire thing before you finalize your purchase of an industrial blender. What kinds of accidents will the company cover? Will they defer responsibility to you if the damage is done by human hands? If you wind up needing to replace your blender, will they cover return shipping costs or make you do it?

4. Read Customer Reviews

Reviews are often the easiest way to gauge the worth of a product before actually buying it. Bearing in mind that every review is subjective and not necessarily truthful, you can often find common opinions among a large number of users. For example, a certain feature of the blender might be universally loved while another is universally panned. If the panned feature is one that's important to you, that particular blender might not be the best one for your purposes.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you shop for blending machines. Remember, industrial equipment can't be as easily returned as an unwanted pair of sneakers, so make sure you're buying the right brand the first time.