Guide to buying Rotary Vane Compressors

If you use air compressors regularly, or even just on an occasional basis, you know how valuable they can be. If it is a small unit in your garage at home, it can surely make a lot of projects around the house go a lot smoother. When used by businesses, they are often critical pieces of equipment without which the organization could not function. Therefore, you can’t overestimate the importance of keeping your compressors not just running, but running efficiently. 

Keeping Compressors Serviced

Just like any machine or other equipment with moving parts, compressors need to be serviced according to schedule in order to ensure maximum performance. Companies like John Baker Sales can help keep you supplied with all the right components, an example of which is an air compressor filter Denver Colorado. Not only do you want your compressor to operate smoothly, you want the air it compresses to be clean. Just like your car needs regular checkups, so does your compressor. 

Check for Air Leaks

When compressed air is used in manufacturing or other noisy environments, an air leak can be hard to detect. In these settings the air is typically piped from centrally located compressors to various parts of the facility. At the end of the pipes, air hoses are usually connected with nozzles on the ends of the hoses. This ends up being a lot of connections at which leaks can develop. While a few air leaks here and there may not seem like a big deal, they can cause the compressor to run more than it would otherwise need to. Consequently, air leaks waste energy. The easiest way to detect a leak in an air line is by listening. Because these leaks can be difficult to hear during times of high production, it may be wise to schedule some time when the facility is not in operation to walk through it with the sole purpose of identifying these leaks. After that, they can be scheduled for repair. Doing so saves money in two ways. It prolongs the life of the compressor, and it saves energy. 

Clean With Fluid Rather Than Air

Many times, compressed air is used for cleaning. One example is in metalworking operations. After the machine finishes its cycle, operators often use an air nozzle to blow chips and turnings off the fixtures in preparation for loading the next part into the machine. Since the machine uses a metalworking fluid anyway and already has a pump on it to move the fluid, attaching a hose to flush the chips away with fluid will save on the use of compressed air. 

Purchase Rotary Vane Compressors

Companies like Mattei have designed compressors that operate with rotary vane technology. This improves the operating efficiency and the reliability. This technology utilizes a single offset rotor that that only needs to spin at a maximum of 1800 rpm. The vanes slide in and out of the rotor to create compression pockets. 

If you are involved with the purchase or maintenance of compressors in your workplace, you should never underestimate the contribution to the bottom line that an effective compressor management program can have.