The Physical and Mental Benefits of Using an Open Scanner for Your MRI

Scheduling an MRI is an important part of diagnosing an illness or injury, but it is understandable that you may put off scheduling this appointment. The thought of being enclosed in the scanner causes feelings of stress, anxiety and even claustrophobia. This is why more facilities and hospitals are offering the option of an open MRI scan. There are both physical and mental benefits on using an open scanner for your procedure.

Less Restrictive

You are facing a less restrictive procedure when you opt for an open scanner. The design of an open scanner does not include any walls, so you do not have to worry about feeling confined inside the space. The open space allows you to lay in a comfortable position during your scan. 

Peace of Mind

There is a certain fear that comes with sliding into an enclosed space. You may feel like the walls are closing in, and you may even feel like you cannot breathe. The open design minimizes those fears and gives you a peace of mind. All you have to do is lay on a cushioned table that slides into an open scanner.

Scan With Ease

It is not always easy to scan taller or larger patients with an enclosed scanner. You may have to lay in an uncomfortable position to scan the target area, and you may have to schedule another MRI if your physician does not get an accurate reading. The open design and body-weight capacity make it easy to scan bodies of various sizes, and scanners such as the Hitachi Airis Elite take high quality images to ensure a successful scan. You do not have to sacrifice your comfort to get an accurate reading.

Constant Communication

You do not have to worry about feeling alone during your scan. A technician monitors you throughout the procedure to ensure you are comfortable. You can contact the technician with questions or concerns using the high quality speaker system. It is a good idea if you need additional supervision during your procedure, and you can take comfort in knowing there is someone watching over you during the scan.

It is okay to feel nervous about scheduling your MRI procedure, but it is not okay to skip the procedure altogether. You can put your mind at ease by asking for an open scanner for your procedure.