The Importance of Sheet Metal

When you hear about sheet metal shops portland oregon, you probably think that they have nothing to do with you. However, sheet metal is a pervasive part of everyone's life that you should be aware of. There are three primary materials that guide the usage of sheet metal:

1. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is known for its high strength and resistance to corrosion, and comes in various grades along this spectrum. It maintains weldability, formability and sometimes heat treatability, as well. Lower grades are commonly used for appliances and cutlery- take a look at your brushed stainless steel refrigerator. Higher grades are sought after for marine equipment, chemical equipment, valves and pumps. 

2. Brass

Brass is an alloy of copper, but retains more strength, corrosion resistance and conductivity than copper does. Bother copper and brass are used in electronics and computers. Brass can also be used for various parts in the automotive industry, but is cautioned against because it it can be unstable. On a more fun note, brass and copper are commonly used in jewelry, adornments and decorations.

3. Aluminum

Aluminum is both cheap and flexible, making it a popular option for a wide variety of objects. There are various grades, offering increasing levels of chemical resistance and strength. However, as the grade increases the weldability and formability decreases. The lowest grades are often used for things such as fan blades, mailboxes, cabinets and chemical processing equipment. Higher grades are reserved for aircraft structures, tanks and pressure vessels.

Welders constructing mysterious machinery is the stereotypical image of what happens in metal shops. Now that you understand the true nature of sheet metal, you may be more inclined to pay them a visit or ask after their services. Feel free to cut out the middle man and take on some of your own projects!